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Super Shock Air Cannons

Super Shock Air Cannons

Super Shock Air Cannons solve your sticking and blocking problems in your silos, bunkers, rotary kiln inlet ducts, chutes hot or cold in all environment
Thousands of Applications with the most preferred technology

Your production rate slows down or stops if you have sticking and blocking problem in your silos, bunkers which you keep your bulk solid materials or transition zones like rotary kiln inlet ducts, cyclones, chutes. But; 

Which bring 100% solution and 

• Your production, laborship and energy losses are ceased.
• Prevents unnecessary worn-out of your equipment and machinery.
• Your production program runs without any interruption and you carry out your responsibilities in time. 
• Pays back its investment in very short time and serves for many, many years without any problem.

Serves You For Many Years With Low Maintenance And Less Spare Part Requirement

• Activation period is adjusted to any time interval by electronic control panel and the system works fully automatically.
• Low air pressures (6-8 kg/cm2) are enough for operation. The pneumatic control equipment is particularly made to work under harsh environmental conditions. 
• Air consumption is very low.
• Air cannons give the last and %100 solution
• Air cannons don’t work with vibration and can be applied to any type of concrete or steel constructed silos, bunkers, chutes etc.
• The only moving part of air cannons is their piston and it was improved to mechanical body to give service for many years.
• This service is given by the most experienced Company of Turkey in its field.

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