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Manual Type Metal Separators

Manual Type Metal Separators

High Power Permanent Magnetic Metal Separators

Ferrous metal separators of permanent magnets with high strength and reliability to ensure the prevention of contaminating metals coming together with various products in conveyor belts


• They reach to the highest burden depth to extract the ferrous contaminants with their particular magnetic circuits. 
• They have extra strength magnetic field to achieve larger sweeping areas. 
• They have even more magnetic strength than electromagnets with the similar dimensions. 
• The magnetic filed is dispersed homogeneously throughout the width of the conveyor belt. It is not concentrated at a point. 
• Permanent magnetic metal separators have infinitive working life, as the magnetic strength decreases less than 5% in 1000 years. 
• Two types of magnetic systems construction are available: Cross-Belt and In-Line
• The dismounting procedure is quite easy with stainless steel housing and modular mounting frame. 
• The welding works on frame are done in industrial standards. 
• There are four hanging pads for easy suspension.


• Protects the processing equipment and machinery from tramp ferrous metal damage. 
• Improves product quality. 
• New and advanced permanent magnets provide more powerful ferrous metal separation than old and low magnetic field strength magnets.


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