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Drawer in Housing Type Metal Separators

Drawer in Housing Type Metal Separators

Drawer In Housing Type Metal Separators for dust and granulated materials
DIMS Series Drawer in Housing type Ferrous Metal Separators are designed for different industries like Ceramic, Glass, Food, Fertilizer etc. There are two types, one has full automatic cleaning with pneumatic pistons and manual cleaning in other type in accordance with need of application. 

DIMS-Series units can be placed on any free fall line of your production and the flow is forced to pass in a zig-zag pattern from row to row over the magnetic tubes. This travel ensures maximum tramp metal capture. The magnetic bars are manufactured by using powerful magnets to catch all ferrous metals even as in dust form. 


• Standard units designed for most of the applications
• Particular designs for particular needs
• All of the parts and housing are made stainless steel of 304 or 316 quality.
• Dust proof operation.
• Magnetic bars are made Ceramic Grade


DIMS Series Drawer in Housing type ferrous Metal Separators are designed to allow quick and easy removal of tramp metal collected on the system in desired period.

The operator pulls out the drawer by holding the handles in the front of the housing. As the drawer is pulled out, each magnetic tube passes through a seal which wipes the accumulated metal from the tubes. The wiped metal falls down in a catch pan. 

The same work is done by two pneumatic pistons instead of operator. The period of cleaning is adjusted by an electronic control box